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News Nostalgia
News Nostalgia
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Schooling, development and entertainment are issues that have been repeated through history. These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this week in years gone by.

10 years ago:

Suffolk County Council launched a major consultation asking people’s views on what should happen with schooling on Moreton Hall. There were three options - retaining the current arrangement of pupils going to Guildhall Feoffment and Sebert Wood and reviewing the situation on an annual basis, relocating Guildhall Feoffment to a reserved site on Moreton Hall to allow for expansion or to build a brand new primary school on the reserved site near to the Flying Fortress pub, possibly to open in 2005.

25 years ago:

A developer who saw the village of Great Barton as ‘a high class residential dormitory area for the rich and successful of Bury St Edmunds’ wanted to build more homes there. Outline planning consent had already been given for 36 houses on the site to the east of Conyers Green Farm, in Livermere Road, when Lovell Homes Eastern Ltd, of Essex, submitted detailed planning proposals to build 24 houses on a seven acre section. The smallest houses in the group were to have four bedrooms, with most having five.

50 years ago:

A nightly casino was to open at Thurston Country Club. The continental decorated casino was going to be opened with a champagne party and was strictly for members of the club, who would have to produce references.