Head says Thetford skatepark is a ‘risk’ to academy

Adrian Ball, executive principal of Thetford Academy ENGANL00120131109122539
Adrian Ball, executive principal of Thetford Academy ENGANL00120131109122539
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Thatford Academy’s principal says he will object to plans for a long awaited skatepark next to his school.

Adrian Ball admits Thetford Town Council has addressed his concerns about access and monitoring of the site, but says he is still concerned at the ‘potential risk’ of having the sports facility next door.

Mr Ball said he appreciated the town council had alleviated his concerns by planning to create a new path so people did not have to go through the school car park and by adding CCTV to the plans.

But he added: “There would be users during the day who wouldn’t normally be attracted to the edge of a school site.

“I’m looking at potential risk to my students and staff. I know a lot of work has gone into this and it’s a long time coming, but I’m here to run a school.

“I want this school to do well and I don’t want anything to affect that.”

Corinne Fulford, the town council’s chairman of amenities, said: “I respect Adrian for the work he’s doing in the academy.

“It is, perhaps, disappointing to know he will be objecting to the site purely on it’s proximity to the academy.”

She said the previous principal had been supportive and there are other sports facilities around the school.

She added: “I’m aware of Adrian’s objections but I’m also aware that if the application is approved he’ll want to work with us constructively.”