Havebury Housing appoints a new chairman

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Affordable homes provider Havebury Housing has appointed Donald McKenzie as its new chairman.

Mr McKenzie, 49, is head of corporate finance for one of the UK’s largest housing providers.

Havebury whjich has offices in Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill manages 6,000 homes.

He takes over from Jonathan Free.

Mr McKenzie has served as an independent director on the Havebury Board for the past two years.

“Working with a large organisation and having a background in finance means I have a strong skills set to offer as Chairman of Havebury’s already dynamic Board,” Mr McKenzie said.

“We are a very caring organisation focused on our local communities and on getting the best possible value from our funding and grants.

“I am determined we will maintain the excellent links we have with our residents, employees and communities.”

Havebury is a charity and not-for-profit association.

It marked its tenth anniversary this year. Its achievements have included investing £80m in new homes and improvements, increasing tenant involvement including back to work courses and completing a home for four adults with complex autism – a first for Havebury.

In his spare time father-of-two Mr McKenzie enjoys watching Norwich City football club.