Gunshot sees pet cat become amputee

Ozzy was shot and had to have his leg amputated
Ozzy was shot and had to have his leg amputated
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A family’s beloved pet cat has had to have one of its back legs amputated after being shot from behind.

Ozzy, a white one-year-old male with a ginger tail, had been missing since the August Bank Holiday weekend.

He finally returned home to Fakenham Magna, near Bury St Edmunds, on Friday, but owner Esther Fidler’s relief at seeing him was short-lived. She said he was limping and had several ‘pencil-sized’ holes in his back left leg.

“He’d licked that whole area so much he had licked all the fur off,” she added.

The mother-of-two, whose children are aged 10 and 11, rushed her suffering feline to the vets, where she said she was told his injuries - which included a broken hip - appeared to have been caused by a shotgun.

Ozzy was kept at the vets until today, while he recovered from surgery to remove bullet fragments from his body and from having his back leg amputated.

Mrs Fidler said: “My kids can’t understand it. They just can’t get over the fact that someone has done it.

“I can’t understand it either. Whatever animal it is, it’s somebody’s pet and there’s a person or children that care for that pet.”

She said Ozzy would have to be confined at home while he learned how to cope as a disabled cat.