Green-fingered enthusiasts left ‘saddened’ by flower box thefts in Troston

Susan Haynes and friend Jane Harland have been looking after flowers at a pub, 5 of 9 were stolen.
Susan Haynes and friend Jane Harland have been looking after flowers at a pub, 5 of 9 were stolen.
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Two green-fingered friends, who tend to flowers at a boarded-up pub, have been left saddened by the recent theft of flower boxes.

The Bull, in Troston, has been closed for around two year But gardening enthusiasts Jane Harland and Susan Haynes have done what they can to improve the ‘eyesore in the centre of the village’ by looking after its nine flower boxes.

They regularly water the flowers and provide the necessary compost and plant food needed to make them thrive.

Their efforts have even received recognition in the village newsletter.

“We’ve made it look as though somebody cared and I have to say there’s been some very favourable comments from people in the village,” said Susan.

It was during her second visit on Wednesday that the 72-year-old noticed five flower pots had been stolen.

She said: “I was upset and disappointed that someone would do such a meaningless thing. I’d like to think they were taken to be used but I rather fear they’ve been dumped. It’s a shame isn’t it?”

Her husband, Albert, said four flower boxes taken had been fixed to a side wall of the pub but he was ‘amazed’ one had been taken from the front.

“I can’t believe it happened in broad daylight,” he said.

He added: “Susan is upset about it. She’s the gardener of the family and she’s worked hard keeping it going, and I think quite a number of people in the village will be upset about it as well.”

Jane said: “I’m so sad that there are people out there that stoop so low as to rip off flower boxes from pub walls. Surely they are not too hard up?”

She added: “We have done our best to make the pub look cared for but obviously whoever has taken these flowers still considers that no-one will worry one way or the other.”

The thefts took place some time between 10am and 5.30pm and were reported to police.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the St Edmundsbury Rural North Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.