Graze Kitchen & Bar: Cocktails and culinary delights

Graze Kitchen and Bar
Graze Kitchen and Bar
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Arriving early to take advantage of the restaurant’s cocktail bar, we were welcomed personally by the owner, Nick Armitage, who was pleased to explain the small plate style of dining as we eagerly awaited our black mojitos.

Two rounds of the delicious Stolichnaya vodka, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and fresh mint concoctions later and my guest and I were ready to be shown to our dinner table.

Graze Kitchen and Bar

Graze Kitchen and Bar

There we sat, unrushed, for three short hours, ‘grazing’ on several dishes at a time.

Nothing could have prepared us for the culinary delights we experienced - picture perfect presentation with colours and designs so beautiful it was almost a shame to disturb them and delectable flavours within original and imaginative creations, all enjoyed in the informal, yet sleek and stylish, setting.

The staff were attentive and dietary needs well catered for, with separate menus for vegetarians and coeliacs.

We shared many of our dishes, the smaller plate sizes and reasonable prices allowing us to taste an array of meals from the ‘earth’, ‘sea’ and ‘land’, before moving onto a variety of ‘sweet things’.

I would seriously recommend trying everything but, as a pointer, the monkfish ‘tikka massala’ with its spiced lentils and cauliflower bhaji is an absolute must, followed by the mouth-watering rhubarb and custard which, despite sounding simple, is anything but.

Graze may only be nine-months-old but I’m hopeful its locally-sourced quality creations will ensure its longevity.

My only complaint was that the night had to end.

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