Good news for sub post offices as they keep their DVLA delivery role

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There was good news for sub post offices this week with the announcement that they are to retain their contracts to deliver DVLA services.

It was also announced that Barrow is set to get a new location for its post office including extended opening hours.

Opening hours of Monday to Friday fr will be extended from 7am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sunday 8am to 3pm.

It will relocate to The Street and there will now be a six week public consultation.

Neil Clarke, postmaster at St Olave’s Precinct in Bury greeted the DVLA results with delight.

He said: “Following the hard work of the Post Office Ltd negotiating team, sub postmasters and the support of our local MP and customers we are delighted that St Olave’s will continue to be the place in Bury that provides the full range of Post Office DVLA services.”