Garage service for kingfisher

Kingfisher being examined at Eastgate Vets
Kingfisher being examined at Eastgate Vets
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Eastgate Vets had a colourful first when they treated a kingfisher after it had a brush with a car showroom.

Staff at Turners Hyundai in Tayfen Road, Bury St Edmunds, were startled when they saw the little bird fly into the front window and fall, stunned, to the ground.

Aftersales manager Jim Austin said: “They rang the RSPCA who said to take it to the nearest vets.

“My wife Jo works at Eastgate Vets, so I came in the door here and they gave me a box saying it was a kingfisher that had to go to the vet.

“I thought it was a wind-up – I expected to get to the vets with an empty box.

“There’s a little stream runs past us but I’ve never seen a kingfisher there.”

But when the box was opened at the Cotton Lane surgery, there sat the kingfisher.

Donna Hodd from Eastgate Veterinary Group said: “The pictures don’t do the colours justice – the blue on its back was iridescent.”

Fortunately, the kingfisher was not injured and, after a rest, was released behind Turners where it flew off across the meadows.