Gaggle of geese granted right to remain

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Beyton’s geese have been granted a reprieve after villagers voted overwhelmingly for them to remain a feature on the green.

The future of the geese came under threat after a resident of the village approached Beyton Parish Council arguing for them to be removed.

The parish council preceded to carry out a poll of the village’s residents to discover what they think of thought of their feathered neighbours.

Clerk to the parish council Pat Lamb said: “We had the results of the survey that was undertaken which proved overwhelmingly that 78 per cent of the villagers were wanting to continue with the geese and, because their numbers have been reduced, to supplement the numbers as and when appropriate.”

The geese have long been a feature of Beyton and are so iconic to the village they are even featured on its sign.

One goose and four goslings remain of the original flock which was depleted after the birds failed to breed for several years.

The remaining geese are currently being cared for in a private garden.

It is hoped that the flock can be built up to a minimum of 15 geese which can be reintroduced to the green in March next year.

Chairman of Beyton Parish Council, Roger Wyartt, said: “They have been here the best part of 50 years. They were not a natural flock in the first place but became a natural flock and have been based here ever since.”

Cllr Wyartt said that the parish council had taken advice on how best to expand and safely maintain the flock.

Mid Suffolk District Councillor Derrick Haley said he fully supported the parish council and hopes the geese will be kept in the village.”