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Wavewash gadget launched to help businesses make comeback after coronavirus lockdown

Businesses are to be given a helping hand to ensure staff and customer safety after lockdown thanks to a Wattisfield-based company.

Inventor Robert Corke has joined forces with engineers and designers across the country to create the Wavewash - a contactless device which ensures people wash their hands for the time required to kill off the coronavirus.

The gadget will automatically turn on when someone waves their hands in front of it. It will then use green lights to count down 20 seconds, which is the minimum time required to kill bacteria and viruses according to NHS advice.

The wavewash has been invented to make it easier for businesses to come back after lockdown. (34970009)
The wavewash has been invented to make it easier for businesses to come back after lockdown. (34970009)

“As well as staying at home where possible and social distancing, thorough hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water is the simplest and most effective way that we can all prevent the spread of coronavirus,” said Robert.

“Now that restrictions have started to lift in England, business leaders will be hoping to resume operations but they’ll be anxious about the risk of exposing their employees and customers to the virus.

“We designed Wavewash to help a wide range of businesses in this situation and we believe that it can make a big difference.”

An online test carried out by the company revealed that only 53 per cent of people wash their hands for an adequate amount of time, with 23 per cent washing for fewer than 18 seconds.

“While washing you hands for 20 seconds is crucial, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds; especially when people are in a rush,” said Robert.

“Even when people think they’re doing the right thing, they often count too quickly, they cut corners and some people just don’t think about washing their hands properly at all.”

Robert hopes that the device will help businesses adhere to new guidelines for making premises Covid-secure.

“Telling people to wash their hands more can work, but positive reinforcement, timely reminders and a little help can be so much better at bringing about lasting behavioural change,” he said.

“I believe that Wavewash can make a real difference in getting everyone to wash their hands properly, helping to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses and stopping coronavirus.”

Wavewash is available for £24.99 at www.wavewash.co.uk, where you can also take the washing timer test.

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