Front of Cupola House in Bury St Edmunds may have to come down following fire council leader says

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THE FRONT of the Cupola House may have to be pulled down following the devastating fire at the Strada Italian restaurant in Bury St Edmunds.

The fire which started in the kitchen in the basement is still ongoing – firefighters cannot get to the flames because much of the building has collapsed.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council is to meet with the Tragus Group who own the restaurant, this afternoon to discuss the possibilities.

Council leader Cllr John Griffiths said: “At the moment it is an ongoing situation that is being assessed. It is not looking that great. It may be that the actual facade of the building will have to be taken down.”

He said structual engineers will be assessing the building. “Nobody is going to know the extent of the damage until after the next few hours,” said Cllr Griffiths.

He also pledged he the council would do what it could to assist with restoration of the building, although he said it is ultimately down to the owners.

“We will be involved in every possible way to make sure that this beautiful building is put back together in the best way possible. it is a very beautiful building that has been very badly damaged. Whether or not it can be saved in its current form remains to be seen.”