Friends to stage tribute night after man’s death

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A man was found dead in a garage behind his home on the Howard Estate, in Bury St Edmunds, on Sunday.

At about 7pm on Sunday, police responded to a call from a member of the public who was concerned about a man’s welfare.

When they arrived they found the body of 29-year-old Layne Matthew Cooper in a garage off Oakes Road.

Ambulance crews found Mr Cooper had inhaled exhaust fumes. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said his death was not being treated as suspicious and an inquest has been opened and adjourned.

Hugo Tang, the manager of Deja Vu nightclub, where Mr Cooper spent ‘every Friday and Saturday night without fail’, has agreed to let the upstairs of the club be used for a memorial night. Entrance will be free and it will start at 9pm tomorrow.

Mr Cooper, a car valeter nicknamed VDub because of his love of Volkswagen cars, had been going to the club in St Andrew’s Street South for years and was ‘instrumental’ in helping to refurbish it upstairs.

Mr Tang said: “He was such a nice guy – he was always so willing to help out and never wanted anything in return. He had a real attention to detail, which is why the club looks so good.

“He always cheered me up when I saw him – he was a really popular guy and never had a bad word to say about anyone.”

He added: “He was quite shy and reserved. He was never one to talk about his problems because he didn’t want to burden other people with them which, ultimately, probably led to his demise.

“He was a very happy-go-lucky, easy going guy – no-one would have thought he was carrying this burden around with him.”

Mr Cooper’s best friend, Ryan Hayes, will be taking Layne’s decks to the tribute night, where he will play sets from his friend’s vinyl collection.

He said: “Music and cars were his thing. He was a fantastic bloke – it’s sad to see him go but everyone will remember him for what he was and how he was.”

There will be a microphone for anyone wishing to say something and the room will be decorated with images of Layne. A DVD of images is also being created. If you have photographs you would like to have used email: