Free lectures on Cupola House

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A HISTORIAN is offering society groups free lectures about the history of the fire ravaged Cupola House.

Dr Pat Murrell has a list of 15 talks about the 17th Century building and is willing to deliver one of them free of charge to any interested groups.

She said: “I want to keep the Cupola’s profile in the public eye in a positive way emphasising its place in the town’s heritage.”

The Grade I listed landmark was constructed for wealthy apothecary Thomas Macro and his family.

A number of the talks examine their history in detail and the changing use of the building.

In ‘Meet the Macros’, Dr Murrell brings to life the fates and fortunes of the family while ‘The Macros and the business of the apothecary in the late 17th century’ examines the training, stock, patients and ailments they would have encountered.

In ‘Cupola - From 1750 to 2012’, she tracks the building as it passed from the Macro’s hands and became more of a commercial premises closely associated with the food and drink industry.

Dr Murrell was given unlimited access to the building while it was restored in 2003 and captured on camera many features which have been lost or await salvage and renovation following the fire in June.

They are showcased in the lecture ‘Cupola - Restoration 2003’. Meanwhile, ‘Views from the Cupola’ considers what the Macros would have seen from their viewing room.

Call her on (01284) 752496.