Former teacher Simon Warr is cleared of sexual abuse charges

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
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A former teacher has been cleared of allegations that he indecently assaulted boys at a school in Great Finborough.

Today it took a jury fifty minutes to reach not guilty verdicts on the seven charges faced by Simon Warr.

Warr, 61, was accused of historic sexual abuse involving three boys at the now defunct St George’s School at Great Finborough and the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook in the 1980s and 1990s.

Warr, of Great West Road, Hounslow, had pleaded not guilty to three offences of gross indecency towards a child and four offences of indecent assault.

Giving evidence, Warr denied having ever sexually abused pupils during his teaching career.

He told the court that allegations he had watched naked boys in the showers at St George’s School at Great Finborough and later at the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook were entirely untrue.

Claims that he had been present when Derek Slade, headmaster at St George’s, beat a boy’s naked bottom with a bat were also false, said Warr.

Warr said that if he had been in Slade’s office when such an event took place he would have immediately reported it to the school bursar.

As a child he had himself been frequently subjected to canings and had never considered it necessary to use the same form of punishment on the children he taught, said Warr.

During the trial more than a dozen witnesses, including former headmasters, teachers, parents and pupils, gave evidence in which they praised Warr’s abilities as a teacher and said they had never seen him behaving inappropriately.

Former deputy head at St George’s School, David George told the jury that Warr had never been involved in teaching PE during which the prosecution had alleged some of the offences had taken place.

The prosecution claimed that Warr, who taught French, German and Latin at St George’s, had watched boys taking showers after sports and touched them for his own sexual gratification.

Two former pupils broke down in tears as they described to the court the way they said they had been treated by Warr.

One of the witnesses, now a man in his 40s, said: “He was constantly shouting, being intimidating. He was a tyrant.”

The jury heard that Warr was arrested following an investigation involving Slade who was jailed in 2010 after being convicted of 32 indecency offences against pupils at St George’s.