Former Herringswell paediatrician gets jailed for 22 years for sex offences against boys

Myles Bradbury
Myles Bradbury
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A paediatrician who sexually abused young boys with cancer has been jailed today for 22 years.

Myles Bradbury, 41, formerly of Herringswell, had pleaded guilty to 25 charges against a total of 18 victims from 2009 to 2013.

The victims, all boys, ranged in age from eight to 17 and suffered from illnesses including cancer and blood disorders.

Bradbury had pleaded guilty to 12 counts of engaging in non-penetrative sexual activity with a boy aged 13 to 15 and seven counts of sexually assaulting a boy under 13 by touching.

He had also pleaded guilty to three counts of causing or inciting a boy aged 13 to 15 to engage in sexual activity, one count of voyeurism and two counts of making an indecent photograph of a child.

Cambridge Crown Court heard how the family of one of Bradbury’s victims was moving 200 miles away to start a new life for their son.

The youngster was just seven years old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia and Bradbury oversaw his regular bouts of chemotherapy.

The doctor was so trusted and admired by the family that they saw him as ‘a god’ who would cure their son - and even sent him Christmas cards for two years with the boy’s picture.

They were devastated when the boy, now 10, revealed what Bradbury had done to him.

He would pretend to be carrying out examinations as he quietly abused the boy behind a curtain with his mother in the same room.

Bradbury was charged with repeatedly abusing the boy for nearly two years between January 2012 and November 2013.

He pleaded not guilty to this charge, but Judge Gareth Hawkesworth ordered it to remain on his file.

The court heard that the boy, who is expected to go into remission this month, had managed to keep his ordeal secret from his school friends although his teachers had been informed.

His parents have now decided to sell up and start a fresh life for him.

His mother, who has two other children, said he had been struggling to sleep since it happened.

She said: “Bradbury has ruined our lives. It’s sad that we’re having to leave our home because all our family are here but we’re moving as far away as possible, around 220 miles. We all need it.”

The victim said he had admired Bradbury and still wanted to grow up to be a ‘good doctor’, despite what had happened to him.

He said: “I feel sad and cross now after finding out what Myles did. I thought he was a normal doctor and I thought he was clever and nice and would help me.

“I feel cross because it was him doing it to me and I do think about it.

“I still want to be a consultant when I’m older but I want to fix people and not hurt them. I want to be a good doctor.”

The mother said she thought it was ‘more than likely’ her son was filmed with spy pens police discovered belonging to Bradbury.

She said: “When it came out that he had the spy pens it was just shocking. I can’t believe it. You think how many horrible things are going to come out next - it makes you feel sick.

“He was always writing, always had a pen in his hand. He would do the examinations and then write notes straight after.

“It’s more than likely there would be videos of my son filmed on those pens. It’s obvious he used them on all the children.”

The mother-of-three said the family thought Bradbury was ‘like a god’.

She said: “I trusted him implicitly. He was like a god who was going to make my son better. He betrayed us all.

“He was very nice and approachable and very thorough in his work. I had no reason to suspect what was going on.

“He would do the ‘examination’ with the curtains closed, and I’d be right on the other side. It made me feel sick to think I had no idea what he was doing to my son behind it.

“My son thought it was just part of the examination. He didn’t understand the implications.

“When it all came out I questioned him carefully about his examination and when I realised what had happened it was just the worst thing in the world.”

The mother also sent Bradbury Christmas cards with pictures of her sons after the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre was warned he was a paedophile, but had chosen not to pursue the matter.

The CEOP was told that Bradbury had been identified as someone who had purchased child abuse material online.

It reviewed screen shots of the child porn he had viewed and his purchase history but graded the offences as level 1 - described as ‘depicting erotic posing with no sexual activity’ - or lower and did not pursue the matter.

The material was finally reviewed following the takeover of the CEOP by the National Crime Agency (NCA) in October 2013.

After hearing that the organisation could have acted sooner to protect the children from Bradbury, the victim’s grandmother wrote a letter of complaint.

She has yet to receive a response from the NCA.

The mother said: “I am especially angry with the NCA. My mum has contacted them but had no response.

“To think they made that much of an error and didn’t think it important to write back. It’s just a statistic for them, they won’t give a toss until it’s their own children.

“My mum’s going to write back because it’s not acceptable.”

She added: “I sent him a Christmas card two years running, with a picture of my three children on it. Thinking he was looking at pictures of my boys is horrible.

“If the NCA, or CEOP at the time, had told us when it first happened I wouldn’t have sent him a Christmas card last year, let alone a Christmas card with my children on there. We would have been spared that if they had done their job.”

Bradbury was jailed for 22 years and is expected to serve half of that sentence behind bars.

CUH statement on Myles Bradbury

Speaking after today’s hearing, Dr Keith McNeil, chief executive of Cambridge University Hospitals, said: “Our thoughts today are with our patients and families who were victims of Bradbury’s shocking and cynical abuse. Today’s sentencing of Bradbury cannot undo the damage he caused but he is finally behind bars and is no longer a risk to vulnerable children. The lengthy sentence shows Bradbury’s abhorrent betrayal and manipulation of his position as a doctor has been fully recognised.”