Footballer launches fashion label in Bury St Edmunds.

Bury Town's Russell Short
Bury Town's Russell Short
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Off the pitch he classes himself as the most fashion conscious of his team – now Bury Town’s Russell Short has set up his own clothing label.

The 24-year-old right back, who has been linked to professional clubs, has launched The Loyal Love.

The Loyal Love

The Loyal Love

All of the clothes are his own designs and are made in the UK.

“I just feel the World is full of negativity,” said Russell.

“I have a big love for fashion and I just wanted to bring a positive vibe to it all.

“I am heavily influenced by designs on positivity and love.

“It has been running for about a month.

“So far it has gone really well.”

Russell said his new business venture has been welcomed by his town teammates.

“I’ve already had a few orders from them. They are keen on it as well.

“When we are on a team night out, they should all be looking a lot better,” Russell said.

His website currently offers an array of t-shirts, baseball caps and accessories. “

It’s hard work and long hours. I get inspired by the weirdest things.

“I’ll be watching TV relaxing and something will pop into my head.

“I’ll like it and I’ll will work on it until I am happy with my design.”

At the moment his designs are only available to order online.

But Russell aims to try to get them into shops in Bury St Edmunds later in the year.

“I have big plans going forward. I have plans to get it into boutiques.

“I have still got to approach them in the next couple of months.

“But at the moment I am just building the brand,” he said.

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