Football fans chants go ‘too far’

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FOOTBALL fans in Bury St Edmunds were accused of ‘crossing the line’ in chants directed at a visiting player this week.

Lowestoft Town goalkeeper Andy Reynolds was subjected to cruel chants during Tuesday’s Ryman League Cup semi-final match against Bury Town.

The 24-year-old, from Bury, also reported coins and pens being thrown on to the Ram Meadow pitch.

He said: “It was probably one of the most hostile games I have played in. You ask your own fans to be committed and passionate but there’s a line that clearly some people crossed.”

He added: “I know on the whole it’s probably meant as banter and they’re probably not thinking about what they’re saying, but it’s a game of football and these sorts of things shouldn‘t happen.”

A fan, who was at the game, said “There’s generally good banter from the stands, but I thought the abuse of the Lowestoft goalkeeper was well over the top.

“Those singing that should really question why they even went to the game – was it to cheer Bury into a final or shout and swear at the opposition?”

Mr Reynolds, whose primary job is as a football coach, also voiced concern for the negative impact the game could have had on young people watching.

Phil Knight, Suffolk FA chief executive, said: “Suffolk FA deplores any acts of violent behaviour be it physical or verbal. Allegations have been brought to our attention but until we have received full reports it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Russell Ward, Bury Town chairman, said he had apologised to Mr Reynolds for the chants but was unaware of anything other than a chip being thrown on to the pitch. There was some inappropriate chanting and we’re dealing with it,” he said.

n Match report and reaction – Page 150&151.