Flood risk to homes in Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Needham Market and Brandon

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Nearly 2,000 people in Bury St Edmunds live in flood risk areas according to a council report.

A committee of councillors at St Edmundsbury Borough Council will meet on Today (1) to discuss a strategy to alleviate flood risks for the whole of Suffolk.

But the report warns that much will depend on people helping themselves as the money for works has dried up.

“Our biggest challenge is that the available money is never going to be enough to protect everyone from the current flood risk and the increasing risk over time due to climate change and further development,” said the report.

According to the report there are 1989 people living in Bury who are currently at risk of surface water flooding. That compares to 644 in Stowmarket, 786 in Needham Market and 803 in Brandon.

The report said that other areas of the towns may also be at risk from rivers flooding.

“The next step is to carry out more detailed investigations for these towns and villages to consider whether there is an environmentally acceptable and cost-effective means of reducing the flood risk,” said the report.

It said that as money is tight, works could involve working with communities to clean up the area around streams so that they flow better.

Developers will also be expected to pay towards flood risk schemes, the strategy document said.

It also gives advice such as avoid paying over your garden.

The flood risk strategy is open to public consultation. Visit www.suffolk.gov.uk/floodrisk