‘Flawed’ flats scheme gets the go-ahead in Bury St Edmunds

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‘Flawed’ flats in the centre of Bury St Edmunds have been given planning permission at the second attept despite the objections of nearby residents.

Councillors had previously refused persmission for the two blocks of flats at the former Linnet service station in Maynewater Lane.

The previous refusal in June had been over the design but developers made alterations are resubmitted the scheme which was approved by St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s development control committee yesterday.

Not all were convinced by the change however.

Leading town conservation group, The Bury Society said the new plans ‘Simply applied a superficial veneer to a flawed design.

Neighbours and community groups were also against both the design and the ‘inadequate’ level of parking provision, with spaces for up to 16 cars to cater for the 14 new flats.