First groups pick up £15k funding

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TWO Mildenhall groups have been picked as the first to benefit from a £1.5 million development fund.

Mildenhall Sea Cadets will receive £10,000 and Mildenhall Scouts will pocket £5,000 from money handed over by Sainsbury’s as part of the deal to build their new store in Recreation Way.

Angela Shipp, chairman of the Sea Cadets, said the money would go towards a new boat shed.

“Words can’t express how much this will do for us. Having the shed will make the boating season longer for us and the classrooms will be in much better shape,” she said.

The new shed will house kayaks, Ministry of Defence boats and equipment. It will also be used for storage.

Ms Shipp said: “We have needed this for at least the three years that I have been here. When I found out about the funding I was over the moon because this sort of money is so hard to come by.”

Alan Chilestone, group leader for Mildenhall Scouts, thanked the parish council, which is deciding where the money goes, for the investment.

“This is just the start of the funding that we need for new projects and it’s going to be very helpful to us,” he said.

Cllr Tony Wheble, Mildenhall Parish Council chairman, said the council’s committee had a number of other funding applications to consider in the coming months.

“This is just the start of the funding. There are a lot of projects on the list for the committee and some are more complicated than others to consider.

“These sort of groups play a very important part in Mildenhall life because both young and old people take part in them and it gives the people of the parish an interest,” he said.

As the money handed over is match funding, both projects will now be required to raise the same amount that has been awarded in order to receive it.