Firm averts flood after mains burst

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FIRMS on an industrial estate had to fight back a minor deluge on Tuesday after a mains burst.

Businesses on the Telford Way site reported water ‘gushing’ from beneath a pavement after a six-inch PVC pipe split at around 9am.

Paul Howard, co-owner of Thetford Hygiene Supplies, said disaster had been averted by a quick-thinking local firm.

“We managed to avoid the worst of the damage after Roots and Routes came in and put sand bags down.

“We are below the water line and had it not been diverted away it would have been impossible to stop it drowning Telford Way,” he said.

The force of the water was ‘lifting the pavement’, according to Mr Howard.

He added that adjacent offices had seen water flood inside and been forced to shut temporarily.

Businesses on the opposite side of Telford Way, including Thetford Tyre and Exhaust Centre, were left largely unaffected by the flooding.

The fire service sent two crews to the incident from Thetford and East Harling, arriving at around 9.20am.

Police arrived soon after to close the road.

Anglian Water were next to arrive, isolating the mains by 10.24am at which time police reopened the road.

The flooding left businesses having to turn away customers and caused disruption to deliveries.

John Clare, a spokesman for Anglian Water, said the burst was ‘just one of those things’ and apologised to customers who had been affected.

“We look after a lot of pipes and sometimes they just split through wear and tear.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything specific that has caused the split or anyone to blame,” he said.

Mr Clare confirmed that 11 properties were left without water by the burst, with Anglian Water providing bottled water to them by 12.30pm.

The pipe was repaired by 4pm.