Fire ravaged Cupola House in Bury St Edmunds is placed on buildings at risk register

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ENGLISH Heritage has flagged up the historic Cupola House in Bury St Edmunds as being ‘in danger of being lost’ by placing it back in its at risk register.

The Grade I listed buildingwhich dates back to 1693 was badly damaged by a fire back in June.

The building was being used by Strada Italian restaurant when an incident with a young cook fying a salmon steak led to the fire.

The back of Cupola House collapsed while the front of the timber framed building is being held up by scaffolding while awaiting repairs.

The news that the Cupola House was being placed on the at risk register was announced yesterday.

It was previously placed on the at risk register in 2000.

At the time it had been serving as a Greene King bottle store.

But the building was sold and lovingly restored under Paul Romaine and it came back off the register in 2003.

Historian Dr Pat Murrell looked into the history of Cupola House as part of its restoration.

“I just hope that being on the at risk register means that it will be properly restored because English Heritage will be watching over it very closely,” she said.

Sir Reginald Harland, presidents of the Bury Society said he was not surprised that Cupola House had gone back on the register – but was confident that everyone involved was working to get it restored

“I think everybody is satisfied that the owners are interedt in restoring it,” he said.

“It is not something that can be done by the click of a finger.

“One doesn’t know what the insurance company has to say.

“It is a huge sum of money that is going to be involved and they are going to have to consider how it is laid out.

“There might be things that they want to improve but getting the permission isn’t easy.

“Hopefully English Heritage will look favourably on bringing it back into something that has a commercial use.”

Bury Society chairman Alan Jary has said he believes it will take five years to repair.