Figures show crime is on the rise in Norfolk and Suffolk

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Crime in Norfolk is increasing at double the rate in Suffolk, with violent offences and robbery on the rise in both, new figures have revealed.

In the 12 months to March 2017, police-recorded crime rose by six per cent in Norfolk and three per cent in Suffolk – still much lower than the national average rise of 11 per cent – according to the Office for National Statistics.

Both counties, however, experienced a sharp rise in robbery offences, up 25 per cent to 383 in Norfolk and 21 per cent to 294 in Suffolk compared to 16 per cent nationally, while both also saw a jump in the number of offences involving violence against people, up nine per cent to 15,683 in Norfolk and up 18 per cent, in line with the national average, to 14,388 in Suffolk.

Sexual offences rose by 12 per cent in Norfolk during the same period, to 1,920, while dropping by five per cent, to 1,673, in Suffolk, and knife offences in the county surged by 119 per cent – the largest increase of any police force in the country – compared to a 15 per cent rise in Suffolk, to 239.

Norfolk’s Deputy Chief Constable, Nick Dean, said the increase in knife crime – up from 144 to 316 offences – was ‘expected as a result of the pro-active work undertaken in Operation Gravity’.

He added that the county’s rise in robberies could, in the main, be attributed to offenders in the Norwich area while many of the recorded sexual offences related to non-recent offences.

Suffolk’s Deputy Chief Constable, Steve Jupp, said, although up, the county’s robbery figures remained ‘very low’, equating to one extra offence per week, and added that the bulk rise in violence against the person offences could be attributed to harassment, a sub-category which saw a year-on-year rise of 62 per cent to 3,203 offences.