Feuding brothers fought with knife and golf club

Bury Magistrates Court ENGANL00120121025093615
Bury Magistrates Court ENGANL00120121025093615
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Two brothers ended up in court after wielding weapons including a golf club and a kitchen knife during a late-night fight in a Bury St Edmunds street.

Kayne Nicholls, 20, of Wordsworth Road, Bury St Edmunds, pleaded guilty at Bury Magistrates’ Court on Monday to two counts of possessing an offensive weapon, a knife and a pool cue, in a public place.

His older brother, Lee Nicholls, 28, of the same address, pleaded guilty to one count of the same charge, involving a golf club, on June 2 and received a 12 month conditional discharge.

At Lee Nicholls’ hearing, the court heard how Kayne Nicholls had turned up at the home rented by himself and his brother at 4.30am on May 11.

Prosecuting, Ian Devine said that Kayne Nicholls had ‘arrived with various implements intent on inflicting damage on his brother and his brother’s property’.

“Lee Nicholls has cause to complain about his brother about the lack of financial input into the house. His brother has taken exception to that and has gone round to the property.”

In mitigation, Claire Lockwood said that Lee Nicholls acted in desperation, only picking up the golf club after being approached by his brother with a knife.

However, at Kayne Nicholls’ court appearance on Monday, a very different version of events was told.

In mitigation, Michael Whatley said it was Lee Nicholls who had been the aggressor, who had made his brother’s life a ‘misery’by making threats and asking for money.

“He goes round and he is in fact assaulted with a golf club,” he said. “Because he has been hit by a golf club he picks up a knife.

“I am told it is Lee who has the problem and that Lee was the instigator of the incident.”

As Kayne Nicholls had breached a suspended sentence, presiding magistrate Ken Turner said they did not have sufficient powers to sentence him. He will sentenced at a later date at crown court.