Festival review: Gardens host a Thriller of a night

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A last minute injury saw the world’s number one Michael Jackson tribute artist ‘Navi’ replaced by his personal understudy.

Understandably, this led to some disappointment early on but as the King of Pop’s best-known songs were delivered one after the other, the crowd soon began enjoying the gig.

Iconic songs performed included Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad, Black and White, Billie Jean, You Are Not Alone and Thriller.

They included Jackson’s vocal hiccups and were delivered with the energy and passion you would expect of an act imitating such a legendary music icon, although the Michael Jackson stand-in did, at times, lack a degree of stage presence.

The dancing was fantastic, particularly that of the backing dancers who gave an impressive show of skill when introduced towards the end of the night.

There was a lot of crotch-grabbing, quick spins and, of course, the all-important signature moonwalk which proved a hit with the audience.

The costumes too deserve a mention, from the scary Thriller masks to the many song-appropriate jackets, even the hat and single white glove worn for Billie Jean.

With an impressive live band, electric dance moves and fans in costume, the night proved a lot of fun.

Review by Laura Smith

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