Fears over cat pens proposal

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RESIDENTS fear that three proposed cat pens at a home in Bury St Edmunds could ‘create noise, smells and attract vermin’.

Two neighbouring properties have raised concerns over plans by RSPCA volunteer Karen Norcott to set up the pens in the garden of her home, in Albemarle Road.

The plans were called to St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s development control committee, which gave the proposals the go-ahead, by Cllr Clive Springett ‘on the grounds of local concern’.

In objections to the authority, neighbours Jane and Mick Dodd, of Winchester Road, said: “The potential number of cats to be housed will create noise and smells unsuitable in a quiet residential area and may indeed attract vermin.”

Meanwhile, Geoffrey and Ann Clarke, of Winchester Road, added: “We do not feel her garden is large enough for cat pens to be sited discreetly.”

Officers recommended the plans for approval – noting that the pens were ‘not of a significant size to cause considerable adverse impacts to neighbouring properties’.

Environmental Health made no objections.

Speaking to the Bury Free Press, Miss Norcott said: “I don’t want to upset anyone. Noise is a possibility but cats aren’t smelly.”