Farrier chosen for Olympics

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A FARRIER from West Row has been selected to work at the Olympic Games maintaining the hooves of competing horses.

William Mulqueen, 32, travelled around the world working with horses before setting up his own company in Newmarket two years ago.

Fourteen of the company’s employees have been selected to work at Greenwich Park, where the equestrian events will be held, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

William said: “I was so pleased when we first got told about it.

“It will be interesting meeting foreign competitors and seeing how they do it – there will be lots of variations and in style.”

To be selected to work at the Olympics, farriers had to have been working for more than five years and have experience of elite performance horses.

William hopes that the selection of his company, William John Mulqueen and Sons, will bring prestige to the business.

He said: “It’s a voluntary thing. I’m hoping people look on it as me trying to give a little bit back. I appreciate that I was trained and can have this life.”