Family house is wrecked by fire

House fire at St Johns Way in Thetford.
House fire at St Johns Way in Thetford.
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A FAMILY have been left ‘homeless’ after a fire ripped through their house.

Gary Wall said the fire that damaged the upstairs of his family’s home in St John’s Way, Thetford, had left them unsure of where they would be living from now on.

Mr Wall had spotted the flames at around 12.30pm on Wednesday as he drove up towards the house.

Concerned for the safety of his two children, Aaron, 12, and Danielle, 14, Mr Wall entered the house and tried to fight the fire himself.

He said: “I had a go at putting it out myself but it had spread so quickly that smoke had filled the whole top floor of the house.

“I learned a lesson because as soon as I got up there, I couldn’t see a thing.

“My main concern was that my son would be up there on his PS3 and that I’d have to be carrying him down.”

Mr Wall first tried to call the emergency services on his landline, but fire damage meant the line was dead. After using his mobile, fire crews were on the scene within five minutes.

He said: “The upstairs is completely wrecked and the ceiling up there has collapsed.

“We’re not sure where we are going to stay now. We’re homeless.”

Mr Wall added that St John Ambulance support teams had tried to help them find temporary accommodation, but nothing had been offered to them.

An investigation into how the fire has been carried out.

Ambulance crews were also called to the scene but no- one was taken to hospital.