Facebook post sparks row over housing

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A row has erupted between a parish council and an organisation in Newmarket about a message posted on Facebook.

Red Lodge Parish Council has issued a statement complaining that Save Historic Newmarket Action Group (SHNAG) posted a message on the social media site suggesting new houses should be built in Red Lodge rather than in Newmarket.

The message, commenting on Lord Derby’s plans to build 400 homes in the town, said that there were “many more sustainable development opportunities across our district in Mildenhall, Brandon and Red Lodge, where 400 homes could be built.”

Parish councillor Roger Dicker said he feels the organisation should not be putting forward the village as a ‘dumping ground’ for unwanted houses.

He said: “They shouldn’t be getting involved in Red Lodge’s business.

“Fair enough they don’t want Lord Derby’s houses but then to say lets chuck them over there in Red Lodge instead is just wrong.

“This is what has angered us.

“It is okay to talk about their own area, but not to say Red Lodge should be used as a dumping ground.”

Mr Dicker said that Red Lodge could not sustain any more houses and that current infrastructure was barely coping with the houses it does have.

Yesterday the Facebook message, posted on November 7, had been removed from the site.

SHNAG committee member, Sara Beckett, said the row was ‘a storm in a tea cup’.

“SHNAG do not allocate the housing in the district, it is Forest Heath District Council that does that so I think he should be directing his group towards its officers, not us.

“I would like to say it’s a storm in a tea cup and that the message was in no way directed at Red Lodge.

“The comment also mentions Mildenhall and Brandon.

“We could have listed all the possible sites as well but you can’t really do that on a Facebook post.”