Extradition fear lifted for mother

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A YOUNG mum who faced extradition for a minor drugs offence committed six years ago has been given a reprieve after an arrest warrant was dropped.

Natalia Gorczowska, 23, of Thetford, was wanted in her native country Poland for breaching the conditions of a 10-month suspended sentence, which she received for possessing 4 grams of amphetamines.

The mum, who is in stable employment, had left Poland without informing her parole officer. If extradited her one-year-old baby Nathan would likely have been taken into care because there are no other family members to look after him.

However, the charity Fair Trials International, which took up her case, has been told by her lawyer that the Polish Court has agreed to withdraw its European Arrest Warrant.

They are now awaiting further details from the Serious Organised Crime Agency that her ordeal is over.

Jago Russell, chief executive of the charity, said: “We are delighted by reports that Poland has finally withdrawn its extradition request and hope this young mother can now get on with her life. Europe’s fast track extradition laws need urgent reform to stop these abuses happening in the first place and to end this waste of our police and courts’ time.”