Exotic foods not so far away in Bury St Edmunds

Justin Stearn and Irene Armijios
Justin Stearn and Irene Armijios
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Frozen chicken feet and a fruit known for its unusual smell are among best sellers at a recently opened shop in Bury St Edmunds.

Husband and wife team Justin Stearn and Irene Armijios opened an ethnic grocer in St John’s Street around two months ago.

Far Away Foods sells ‘all kinds of foreign foods’ including exotic fruit and vegetables, authentic cooking sauces and pastes and many different spices, seeds, beans, rice and flours.

But coconut oil, a chocolate drink called Milo and frozen chicken feet are among its best sellers.

“It surprised me but people love it, especially Thai people and people from Africa,” said Justin on the popularity of chicken feet.

Inspiration for the shop came from Irene, who is from Ecuador, continually having to travel outside of Bury to purchase items used in South American cooking.

Its stock is continually evolving following requests from customers.

“People say can you get this or this and I always try my hardest to get it,” said Justin.

He added: “Our most unusual and interesting fruit is called durian which is known throughout Southeast Asia for its unique smell. We also always stock plantain, yam and cassava.”

Find out about new items in the shop by searching Faraway Foods on Facebook.