EXCLUSIVE: Former student claims he was sexually abused by Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers ANL-140309-171826001
Scott Rogers ANL-140309-171826001
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A former student of Scott Rogers, who claims he was abused by the performing arts teacher, has spoken exclusively to the Bury Free Press.

The man, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, said he was too young to understand what was happening to him at the time.

He said: “I have had conversations with other people who have been involved and they have used terms like brainwashed.

“To to be honest I cannot connect with that in a meaningful way myself, but it is accurate.

“He was an engaging person, the kind of person that when he walked into a room became the focus of that attention.

“His gift was people, he could make a person laugh, make a person cry and he could do this with one or one thousand people.”

He said the sexual abuse started when he was a teenager.

He said: “I remember seeing things written about it (the academy) being a place not to send your kids.

“I don’t know at the time but certainly since all this came up I’ve thought how does all that exist and the place stay open?

“How does that happen?”