EU VOTE: ‘We must collaborate and be inclusive to ensure stability’, says Bury St Edmunds MP

Jo Churchill
Jo Churchill
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Working together, building relationships and being inclusive are key to ensuring stability, says Bury St Edmunds MP Jo Churchill after the shock Brexit vote.

Mrs Churchill, who campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union, said MPs would ‘listen to the vote as a clear instruction that we’ve got a job to do’.

She said: “I’ve got huge faith in British business and even though this wasn’t my preferred route to prosperity we’ve got to collaborate and work as hard as we can to ensure a stable environment and the best terms we can get.”

Addressing Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to step down by October, Mrs Churchill said: “I think the boss was brave and principled and he’s served his country outstandingly.

“We need to pursue those things which I think are hugely important like collaborating, building our relationships and being open and inclusive.”

On the future of the Conservative Party, which has been long divided on the issue of Europe, she said: “I’ve chatted to my colleagues already this morning from both sides of the campaign.

“We’ve been on a journey - there was a strength of feeling and in the main all of my colleagues treated each other with courtesy and respect and that’s where I would like to relaunch this from.

“We’re looking for a new leader for a new landscape. We will need to look, reflect, see what people bring to the table and go from there.”