Estate’s concern over vandalism and rowdy teens

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A WEEKEND of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage has left some residents on a Bury St Edmunds estate in despair.

Police were called just before midnight on Friday to a group of ‘loud and disruptive teenagers’ in the Mount Road area of Moreton Hall and, shortly after, a window at the community centre, off Symonds Road, was damaged.

Garden lights from houses in nearby Raedwald Drive were found smashed on Saturday and a light was stolen from underneath the front window of a home in Bluebell Avenue.

Nigel Cross, chairman of the community centre, said replacing the cracked glass could cost as much as £500.

“We’re here for the community and that money comes from the community funds – money’s hard enough to come by these days as it is,” he said.

Carol Bradley, who had four lights destroyed, said: “You want to make your property look nice, but then some mindless person does that. I was upset that someone could do it and then you wonder what else they’re going to do if they come back.”

Residents have also complained about the condition of a children’s play area in Daisy Avenue, where they often clear up beer bottles, cans and litter after ‘gangs’ of young people meet there on weekends.

One resident, who was too afraid to give her name, said she was insulted and sworn at after confronting a group last weekend.

“It makes me afraid to go out of my own house – they just taunt you if you say anything,” she said.

Her neighbour, John Good, said the problems started around 12 months ago.

“It’s a pain, we’re awake at all times of the night,” he said.

Cllr Frank Warby said he suspected the behaviour was ‘alcohol-fuelled’, with youngsters ‘letting off steam’ after their exams.

Cllr Trevor Beckwith said: “It’s annoying, there’s a lot of investment goes into this estate to keep it looking nice and then a few people go around spoiling it for others.”

Sgt Davy Hill encouraged everyone to report incidents of anti-social behaviour as they are ongoing, with as much detail of offenders as possible.