Eriswell man, described as ‘manipulative bully’, found guilty of raping woman

Ipswich Crown Court
Ipswich Crown Court

A man described as a ‘dominating, manipulative bully’ has been found guilty of raping a woman in Suffolk.

During his trial, the jury were told that Ronald Sharp, 52, of The Street, Eriswell, had a ‘voracious sexual appetite’ and forced the woman to perform sex act without her consent.

On Friday at Ipswich Crown Court, Sharp was found guilty of two offences of rape, an indecent assault, an attempted rape, a serious sexual assault and an attempted serious sexual assault involving one woman.

The jury found Sharp not guilty of six alleged offences of rape in relation to a second woman.

Some of the offences, all of which Sharp denied, were said to date back to the 1980s.

The jury heard evidence from the two alleged victims who said they had been subjected to unwanted sexual advances from Sharp who had used his physical strength to force them to comply with his wishes.

Prosecuting, Caroline Gardiner alleged that Sharp had used threats and violence to get what he wanted from the women.

Miss Gardiner said: “He is a dominating, manipulative bully.”

Giving evidence, Sharp said that while he had strong arms, he denied using his strength to force the women to do anything.

Sharp denied, during cross examination by Miss Gardiner, that he was unable to control his sexual appetite.

The court heard that when interviewed by police, Sharp claimed that he had consensual sex with the women.

Sharp will be sentenced on a date yet to be fixed, said Judge John Devaux.

At the same time Sharp will be sentenced for five sexual offences involving another victim to which he pleaded guilty at an earlier date.