Youngsters flex their muscles for wildlife

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Lackford Lakes held a Young Wardens Bushcraft event which saw young people learning how to coppice trees – and make kazoos.

Nearly 20 youngsters aged between 10 and 15 cut back alder and willow near one of the lakes and then enjoyed lunch round a bonfire of the cleared wood, roasting jacket potatoes and toasting marshmallows.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust, which runs the reserve,hosts the young wardens scheme where young people become involved in maintenance of the habitat.

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management whereby trees are cut to near ground level and new shoots allowed to grow from the coppiced stools.

This creates healthy regrowth and a thick habitat for woodland birds.

Emma Kerridge, SWT education officer said: “We had a really good day very bright and we were able to have lunch round the bonfire.”