Warning after spate of hedgehog deaths

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MORE than a dozen hedgehogs have been found dead in the Bury St Edmunds Cemetery over the last two months.

It is believed that they have been poisoned with metaldehyde – a chemical found in some slug pellets – which leaves little sign of a cause of death.

A Bury resident who cares for sick hedgehogs has warned gardeners to be more responsible when it comes to putting down poison.

“At this time of year you would only expect to find a couple of poisoned hedgehogs” said Liz Jaggard, a voluntary hedgehog rescuer. “This year there is in excess of a dozen.”

The problem may lie in misleading labelling on slug pellets.

“These things are marketed as ‘animal repellent’, but that doesn’t mean they are safe. The hedgehogs eat the slugs, but if the slugs are poisoned they pass it on to the hedgehogs,” said Liz.

“I’m going to talk to the manufacturers about the labelling, but the most important thing is to alert people to a danger they may not know about. My advice is to look out for metaldehyde. It’s not safe.”

“If you need any advice you can also ring 01284 754203 and I will always find someone to help.”