VIDEO: The sky’s the limit for buzzard rescued when days from death

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A buzzard found only days from death on a remote track one month ago was released back into the Ingham countryside on Saturday.

The bird was rescued by Terry Kingham who has been taking care of injured birds since childhood.

Buzzard released by Raptor Trust in Ingham

Buzzard released by Raptor Trust in Ingham

Terry, 51, of Bury St Edmunds, handed the buzzard over to the Raptor Trust for medical treatment.

Claire Halls, secretary of the Raptor Trust, said: “When he first came in he would not stand on one foot, had a droopy wing, did not really move at all and was fairly underweight.”

The Raptor Trust found that the buzzard was suffering from frounce and predicted he would have survived for only a day or two more.

Julie Finnis, chairman of the Raptor Trust, said: “It’s a bacterial infection that they get by eating pigeons.

“It infects the throat you get little lacerations and untreated those lacerations get bigger and bigger until eventually they join up and you get a hard solid white lump which stops swallowing and eating.”

After two weeks medication and two weeks in a Raptor Trust aviary the bird was released close to where he was found on Saturday.

On release the buzzard glided across the landscape before settling in a near-by tree.

Terry said: “Fantastic, absolutely fantastic just to be able to put something back because it would not have survived when we picked it up.

“I’m pleased that he looks so well they have done a great job with him.”

Julie said: “He’s got a lot to thanks Terry for.”