Save the pennies with new meters

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THOUSANDS of letters are being sent out by Anglian Water which is installing water meters at properties in and around Bury St Edmunds and Ixworth.

Letters were sent to 2,000 homes in and around Ixworth this week as part of the the company’s drive to encourage more people to use a water meters and next week 4,000 homes in Bury St Edmunds will receive information.

Anglian Water is aiming to install 183,000 meters across the region by 2015 and, as well as this, it is encouraging people to take advantage of water -saving devices which can be installed in the home.

Meters are put in at the roadside and customers then have the opportunity to sign up to use them. They can switch back at anytime in the first two years.

Work on installing the meters starts at the end of May.

So far, 67 per cent of Anglian Water customers are metered which means customers pay for the amount of water they use instead of paying a standard water rate charge regardless of usage.

It is estimated that customers save an average of around £100 on their annual water bill with a metered supply.

Ciaran Nelson, from Anglian Water, said: “In parts of this region we actually get less rain each year than Jerusalem. So being water-efficient really matters.

“Using less water also lowers electricity bills which means you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well as the amount you pay for your water and electricity.

“Millions of people in the region are already seeing the benefits, but millions more could be saving money.”

Householders will also be receiving a leaflet in about two weeks time explaining the company’s Bits and Bobs scheme, whereby water saving devices can be fitted to showers and toilets to save water as well as a device which saves water in the garden when people are using hosepipes.

Anglian Water will send out a plumber free of charge to install the devices but this will be arranged in advance on an appointment basis. The plumber will also provide a free leak check and advise householders on getting the best from their water supply.

Anglian Water has had 20 years without a hosepipe ban although the region is among the driest in the country.

To apply for the Bits and Bobs package call 0800 9755 567 or visit while queries about meter installation can be dealt with by phoning 08445 850 5852.