Pick up a picker for free and help to make a difference in Bury

Mark Ereira has 11 litter pickers left  ANL-140924-202752009
Mark Ereira has 11 litter pickers left ANL-140924-202752009
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Nearly 90 people have joined a councillors anti-litter campaign by taking up his offer of a free litter picker.

Bury St Edmunds’ Green county councillor Mark Ereira, bought 100 trigger-operated litter pickers with his locality budget towards the end of October and offered them to anyone who wanted to pick up litter in their area.

“I’ve only got 11 left now,” he said on Wednesday. “People are really enthusiastic and they’ve gone throughout Bury, noit just in my patch.”

But he lamented: “When I take my dog for a walk at lunchtimes, it’s just overwhelming how much rubbish there is in the town.

“We need as many people as possible out there picking it up.

“On Tayfen Road, for example, there’s a little stream and it’s just the amount of, mostly takeaway, rubbish in and around it.”

Anyone who wants to do their bit to keep the can get a litter picker from Mark by emailing him at mark.ereira@suffolk.gov.uk

There are several areas of Bury where groups pf local volunteers run regular litter picks.