Elveden farm manager’s innovation recognised at British Farming Awards

Andrew Francis who has won Arable Innovator of the Year at the British Farming Awards. Andrew is Elvdeden Estate's Farm Manager

Elveden Estates Farm manager Andrew Francis has been named Arable Innovator of the Year at this year’s British Farming Awards.

Andrew has been carrying out numerous arable trials on the farm and has reduced its level of inorganic fertiliser by around 10 per cent while at the same time improving crop yields.

Work on the trials which have included improving irrigation methods and soil management has also helped inform others in the farming world.

Andrew is currently assessing the performance of different cover crop combinations within his vegetable rotation, with a particular interest in improving soil structure on field headlands and the farm ecology.

Trials in using organic manure are now in their 16th year.

Andrew also makes sure that all staff at Elveden Farms work towards the same goal so that as many as possible visit customers’ premises to understand how day-to-day working practice can influence the quality of the final product.

Andrew said: “Being an arable farmer is the reason I get out of bed every morning.”T

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