Elmswell couple worried killer dog may strike again

Sandra Wright with Darcy who died after a dog attacked her ANL-150121-104748001
Sandra Wright with Darcy who died after a dog attacked her ANL-150121-104748001
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Anthony Wright fears the dog that bit him and killed his terrier might attack a child.

Anthony and his wife Sandra are distraught at losing Darcy the Norfolk terrier and fear the large black dog that attacked her may strike again if it is not muzzled.

Anthony, Suffolk and Norfolk manager for Sustrans, was walking 18-month-old Darcy at Pightle Green, near his Elmswell home, on January 11 and, because Darcy would run up to other people and dogs, had checked nobody was about before letting her off the lead.

But the other dog then 
appeared through a hedge.

Anthony said: “Darcy and I saw it at the same time and she sat wagging her tail. I called her, but she ran towards the dog then she was running away, squealing.

“This dog got hold of her and tossed her about. I got between them and tried to fight the dog off – that’s when I got bitten on the hand.”

The dog’s owner said he was sorry, but Anthony was distressed, and wanted to get Darcy home, so forgot to get his details.

The Wrights took Darcy to Stowe Vets where she was operated on on the Monday.

“We went to see her before the operation,” said Anthony. “That was the last we saw of her.

“They phoned that evening and said she had lost the fight and our world collapsed.”

They have 14 grandchildren and worry about what might have happened.

“We don’t want it to happen again to any dog, any child or any of the frail, elderly people who walk dogs there,” Anthony said.

Suffolk Police ask anyone with information to call 101 quoting ST/15/133.