Elevens come together for birthday girl

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IF Niamh Ashton has a lucky number it must be 11 because today she will be 11 at 11am on 11/11/11.

She has friends at Beyton Middle School who share her birthday but not the special time of birth. “My friends say it’s really weird,” she said at home in Bradfield St George.

Mum and dad Karen and Warren will be treating Niamh to a trip to London to see Wizard of Oz and she is looking forward to lunch at Fortnum and Mason.

Karen said: “I suppose we should have called her Poppy. She was born at the beginning of the two minute silence but we all knew she’d arrived!”

Today, Niamh is into drama and ice and roller skating and Karen added: “She very active in Young Carers because her brother Louis is disabled and she helps look after him. They have their brother and sister moments, but she is very very caring.”

Niamh wants to be a doctor or nurse when she grows up.