Youngsters learn to sign in perfect harmony

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HUNDREDS of children performed a song at their schools on Wednesday and you could not hear a word.

But you could see what they were ‘singing’ because they performed the New Seekers’ 1970s song I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing using British Sign Language for the deaf .

The youngsters have been practising for weeks to join the charity SignHealth’s national Sign2Sing record attempt.

The charity says 102,000 people took part nationally and the Guinness Book of Records has confirmed they broke the previous record of 13,418.

At Westley Middle School, in Oliver Road, Bury St Edmunds, about 450 took part took part in the event, led by the school’s signing choir. Jo Hughes, who teaches the deaf at Westley, said: “We think this is a terrific initiative which will teach the children a new and valuable skill as well as raising awareness of deaf issues.”

The school has four hearing impaired pupils but anyone can learn signing.

Combs Ford Primary School, Stowmarket, had about 380 pupils plus staff taking part. The school has several hearing impaired pupils and runs a signing club for hearing pupils.

At the same time, 111 children and adults, were signing along at Barrow primary. Headteacher Hayley Dean said: “All the children got involved and enjoyed learning a new skill.”