Ugandan choir joins in school day

Ugandan choir is in Beyton Middle school all day,
Ugandan choir is in Beyton Middle school all day,
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MEMBERS of a Ugandan orphan choir had the chance to experience an English school day on Wednesday.

The seven- to 14-year-olds from the Destiny Africa children’s choir, from Kampala Children’s Centre, were invited to Beyton Middle School. Head of ethics and philosophy Frank Anstee-Parry said the idea was to integrate both sets of children.

“The ate together, played together and had lessons together,” he said. “What was nice was the way both sets of children got on. Any differences were ignored and they were just young children being children.”

Many lessons had a Ugandan theme, so, in English they did African poetry. A group of Beyton’s pupils performed songs for the choir who then finished the day by teaching their hosts a call and response song in a Ugandan dialect.

Destiny Africa’s performances raise money to support the work of the Kampala Children’s Centre.

They are touring the East and South East of England, then going to Belgium. They will be holding a concert at Beyton Middle School, Drinkstone Road, tomorrow at 7.30pm, with tickets on the door, and will be singing at the Garland Street Baptist Church’s morning service in Bury St Edmunds at 10.30am on Sunday.

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