Science week inspires school’s young boffins

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THE pupils of Cockfield Primary School have taken a trip into space, delved into the mysteries of water and explored the properties of materials this week.

The 47-pupil school has been holding a science week, which started on Monday with Space Day, during which the Astrodome, a portable planetarium, visited, paid for by the Friends of Cockfield School, enabling everyone to view the planets and constellations.

Tuesday was materials day, Wednesday was water, yesterday was share day, in which the pupils split into groups sharing knowledge and experiences, and today is electricity day.

Headteacher Eunice Francis said they had been supported by Thurston Community College which sent science teachers Yvonne Davies and Kerry Durrant to help with the more technical aspects of the subject. She added: “They’ve been providing equipment, things like a plasma dome, which wouldn’t be available to us.”

She said it was hoped the activities would inspire the children.

“If they enjoy what they’re doing they want to go on and learn more. We had an open morning where parents could come along and for a small school we had a good turnout and the feedback was so positive,” she said.

Will they be doing it again? “It’s proving to be a good one,” she said. “I think we will be doing it again next year.”