Pupils explore world cultures

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DIDGERIDOO workshops, Máori facepaints, Rwandan dances and French croissants became part of the curriculum for pupils at Sebert Wood Primary School, in Bury St Edmunds, last week.

Youngsters took part in their own One World Week where each class had the opportunity to research a country taking part in the 2012 Olympics and explore its culture.

Students from King Edward Upper School started the week off by demonstrating a Rwandan dance, which was followed up by dance and music workshops in cheer-leading, Chinese, French, Roman, Aztec, Aboriginal and Haka dance.

Each day pupils sampled food from different countries and they had the chance to cook their own pizzas, stir-frys, Anzac biscuits and tortillas.

Headteacher Richard Rice created an Australian puppet show to introduce Australian animals to children in Year 2, while year four children cut intricate patterns out of tissue paper to create Papel Picados, traditional folk art from Mexico.