Nursery’s day in the sun to celebrate the humble chicken

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HARVEY’S Garden Plants hosted a big chicken day in Thurston to celebrate our feathered friends.

The fourth annual event, held on May 1, gave people the opportunity to handle chicks, see rare breeds of poultry and learn from experts about the birds.

People could even buy fertile chicken eggs to start their own flock.

Nursery owner Roger Harveysaid : “We had a great turnout and the weather was excellent. It has been an annual event for four years now and we will continue to make it better each year.

“Everyone is always very keen on the chicks that have hatched, which is nice to see.

“We let people handle them, something they find great fun.

“The talks we have are very well attended, it is the best way for people to learn about the birds.

“We were blessed with absolutely glorious weather this year and everyone enjoyed looking around the event and the nursery.”