Mildenhall College Academy pupils help create teaching aid about World War 1

Mildenhall Academy students ANL-151111-110005001
Mildenhall Academy students ANL-151111-110005001
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Mildenhall College Academy students have been helping create a national teaching tool by making a film which teachers can use to bring history to life. History teacher Ed Lowis designed the first module in the series based on World War One in which students were filmed deciding what they would place in Princess Mary gift boxes. These were care packages sent out to frontline troops.

The academy’s humanities department worked with University College London to design an online module to support history teaching, planning lessons based around historical artifacts.

The pupils worked with the learning team at the Imperial War Museum to develop the first module.

Richard Kerridge, humanities faculty leader, said: “It was a very interesting process which took almost a year in total. It was such an amazing experience to have a film crew in one of our classrooms filming the lesson.

“This project gave us the opportunity to show other teachers how this approach can be used to get both teachers and pupils to think differently about their lessons.”