Middle school celebrates Tudor times

Year 5 pupils at St Louis Middle School were dressing up as Tudors.
Year 5 pupils at St Louis Middle School were dressing up as Tudors.
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A Bury St Edmunds school was transported to the Tudor age when pupils donned traditional garb.

Children in Year 5 at St Louis Middle took a day out of their curriculum for the activity laden themed day.

The Shakespearean Drama Group, Mad Dogs and English Men headlined with a dr a workshop.

Other activities included dancing as well as making peg dolls, masks and pomanders.

Pupils also had to recognise spices and other smells from Tudor times.

n ‘Good To Be Me’ was the theme of a Skills for Life Day at Barrow Primary.

Lessons aimed to help children explore their feelings and develop self awareness .

Through poetry, role play and drama, they learned how to express and cope with their feelings and worries.

They also made posters telling people how to turn hopeless thoughts into happy ones.

n An able and talented day at County Upper for Year 7 middle school pupils focused on heroes and villains.

Representatives from Hardwick, Horringer Court, Howard and Westley Middle Schools worked in mixed groups to research figures from throughout history.

Some groups found facts to support the figure as a hero while others made the case for the same figure to be a villain.

County Upper’s Year 11 musicians composed an orchestral piece to celebrate the centenary of Benjamin Britten. It was given its inaugural performance at Snape Maltings Concert Hall.

n A classroom has been knocked down at Rattlesden Primary to make way for a new one.

It is part of the county’s switch to two tier education.

n A teacher from a school in North Calais visited Sexton’s Manor Primary, in Bury, as part of a link building project.